Disclaimer, Hold-Harmless, and Terms of Service/Use

If you continue to read my site/blog material or participate in the community, then you automatically accept the terms below and hold me harmless from all liability or responsibility for any action you take or from any losses/damages you incur.

It’s unfortunate that we live in such a litigious society that I cannot write on things I’m passionate about without having to worry over getting sued by someone. I want to make it clear that my blog is intended for me to record my thoughts for my own benefit. Although I do have some posts that are intended to help people, it is not professional advice of any kind. I am not licensed for any profession nor am I a successful trader. However, there are mistakes I’ve made (for my particular scenarios) which cost me a great deal of money and I hope to inform people about it so that others will be careful when they encounter similar scenarios. I say “similar” because that’s a reality, a fact – no scenario is exactly the same. That’s why licensed professionals exist – so you can pay them money to get them to provide you with advice tailored to your particular situation. In addition, I don’t check the accuracy of everything (and that includes visitor comments) and my opinions can differ from other people’s opinions. So if you take action on your scenario/situation because you read something I (or others) wrote that appears similar to your situation, you are doing so at your own risk. If you want to learn about any particular topic or activity, it’s incumbent upon you to perform due diligence and to think things through carefully before making decisions. It’s not my job to do it for you. I do not force or compel anyone to make a decision. I make a case for an opinion but ultimately, you have the final decision on whether you agree with me or not; have the decency to recognise that I don’t possess that ultimate, final moment where you decide on something – it is yours to own! And if you’re unsure of what to do, unsure of whether you’re making a sound/correct decision, or you are unwilling to put in the hard work, then pay a licensed professional! In fact, you should do that anyway just to be safe!

As I’m writing this, I have no idea if I will one day review, comment, or critique others, services, or products on my blog/site. Even so, I want people to know up-front that there is Anti-SLAPP legislation where I live and that the legislation has already been challenged and upheld several times by the courts.

I reserve every right to change the above terms or anything on my blog/site without having to notify anyone. It is, after all, my blog/site. If you don’t like how things are done here, then I encourage you to start your own blog/site and do whatever you want there.

If you do not agree or do not accept the terms above, then I would politely ask you to leave.

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